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KitchenShare is a certified, communal kitchen rental program for local food artists who want to get serious about their craft. Heritage Hub, a local food support system designed to diversify Tallahassee’s economy, offers programs that help level the barriers to entrepreneurial entry. KitchenShare provides the operational space and support services needed to get an idea off the ground or take a cottage business to the next level.

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Frenchtown Farmers' Market

The Frenchtown Farmers' Market is a fun outing connecting farmers selling the food that they produced directly to patrons. We facilitate personal connections and bonds of mutual benefits between farmers, shoppers, and the Frenchtown community.

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Farmer Training Program

The THRIVE Network Farmer training Program is a 12-week program consisting of classroom learning and hands on farming training in an urban garden in Tallahassee’s historic Frenchtown neighborhood


The Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association (FNIA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that celebrates the legacy of the Frenchtown community. FNIA continues its celebration by advocating for healthier food options, promoting entrepreneurship, and facilitating economic advances through its work.


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